ASEPA Didactic Lectures

In a manner similar to recent AOEC meetings, the Scientific Organising Committee aims to provide delegates with a series of didactic lectures which are an important axis of the Congress. The lectures are organized by the Asian Epilepsy Academy (ASEPA) which is the educational arm of the Commission on Asian and Oceanian Affairs (CAOA). Five lectures pertaining to crucial aspects of contemporary epileptology will be presented as plenary sessions of the Congress in order to provide the latest available information.

The lecturers are all world-renowned experts in their respective field. The fundamentals as well as state-of-the-art implications of the topics will be covered. The ASEPA believes a series of didactic lectures, delivered by eminent experts, will be able to provide participants with an efficient way of enriching their knowledge of the forefront of epileptology. All those who wish to attend any of these lectures are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the speakers and their work.

Brain functional anatomy and epileptic networks - the connection - Xingzhou LIU (China)

Epilepsy with psychiatric disorders - same disease, different manifestations? - Yushi INOUE (Japan)

When is epilepsy present and when is it not? - Byung-In LEE (Korea)

An update in classification and treatment in status epilepticus - Eugen TRINKA (Austria)

What's new in AED-induced SJS, TEN and DRESS? - Wen-Hung CHUNG (Taiwan)


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